Risk Management


Program Benefits

One of the benefits of being a member of the Local Government Insurance Pool is to receive training at no additional fee.  

If you have training needs, please contact 

Vance Payne or Bryan Dennis.


Jail Liability Seminar

Our Jail Liability Seminar is offered on an annual basis.  Jail Administrators and staff have a tough job to do and a negative environment in which to do it. Their actions face ever increasing scrutiny by their departments, the courts, media, community, and special interest groups. The key to defusing much of this scrutiny is to help the staff perform their jobs better by assisting them in making better decisions and by providing them guidance in articulating the legal basis for those decisions.

TCI approved. This seminar is designed to further assist those law enforcement personnel that work predominately in correctional facilities. Law enforcement personnel that work in these conditions face additional exposure to potential damaging liability issues. This course provides attendees with a better understanding of the issues facing today’s jails and provide them with tools to prevent possible liability issues.


Regulatory and Safety Training

Regulatory and safety training is available to maintain compliance standards. Facility inspections are also included to eliminate or reduce hazards and minimize risk for employees and visitors.

Risk Management Newsletters

The monthly SafetyTalk publication is risk management topics and ideas that can be shared amoung the county departments.

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